About Me

I’m Kayla Ju’lise and I’m 6’3. Here is more about me and my brand!

Tall and Poised was created when I was 13 by my mom and I. At that time, I was very insecure about my height. But, with my families love and support, and a Mom that always corrected my posture, told me to straighten my shoulders, cross my legs, and remain poised at all times; I started embracing my height! ALWAYS THE TALLEST, I CHOSE TO WEAR IT AS A BADGE OF THE HIGHEST HONOR.

Loving yourself as you are isn’t something that can be taught, but knowing there are tons of other ladies who face similar feelings and struggles always helps. Tall & Poised is a community of tall girls built to inspire confidence, perseverance, education, fashion and style. This community is all about uplifting our fellow tall sisters and sharing fashion, style, tips and tricks.

Kayla Tall and Poised - Model Life